What You Learn At The Youth Weeks With A Glass Of Whiskey In His Hand

This is no endorsement of liquor abuse or the women's favourite national sport - gossip,

or know in the South African SKINNER.


The national youth weeks are attended by the top coaches, officials, scouts, and then rugby wannabees (myself included). Talent is placed under a magnifying glass with the growth potential of u/13 boys the favourite topic. Bad coaching and favouritism are second on the agenda and then the skinner intensifies when high schools and their rugby programmes are discussed.

The following information must be taken for just that - SKINNER. Apart from 4 statements, none has been confirmed although all the, at that stage liquor retarded informants stated that I can quote them.

  1. Gustav of Garsfontein is at the u/13 Craven Week but not with a 100 seater bus, he even said he has space for two people left in his own personal vehicle with the left front seat occupied by a male person older than 45.
  2. Tom Naude HTS is looking for a Rugby Director. The package mentioned is R 50 000.00 per month with free accommodation for him and his family in one of the better suburbs close to the school.
  3. Hein Kriek, previous coach of Paul Roos is available for a lucrative coaching position at a top school in South Africa.
  4. Rudi Dames current head of rugby at Pretoria Boys High has accepted an offer as Head of Rugby at EG Jansen for the next five years.
  5. SARU is to announce after the u/18 Craven Week that quotas based on colour are going to be replaced by a quota system based on the income of parents.
  6. Rudi Dames will be joined by ex EG Jansen and almost ex Menlopark coach Regardt Botha who was sacked after a "promising" rugby player's dad offered Menlopark R 400 000.00 for the dismissal of Mr Botha.
  7. Mr Gary Botha, currently a coach at the Blue Bulls, is the favourite to be appointed at Pretoria Boys High for the 2019 season.
  8. Mr Dawie Theron ex Bokkies u/20 coach is the favourite to be appointed as the replacement for Sean Erasmus at Paarl Boishaai.
  9. Ruggas.co.za is going to establish a rugby academy in Pretoria with his soon to be ex-photographer as head coach.

To be continued - skinner will be added as the youth weeks continue

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