Take The Grey Out Of Free State And They Are Not That Grey’t?

All in the know knows that if Grey College struggle then the Free State Craven Week team also struggles and Grey College is not having a good year.

Against Affies, Selborne and Boishaai it was very clear to see that the Grey College team's backline was one of the best in schoolboy rugby if not the best. And unfortunately, that is where it stopped, their forwards was competitive but not the force we got used to.

Unfortunately, the three players from Louis Botha HTS is not known to us and I can not see them as an improvement on the Grey players, not on the field. If the player's stats available is correct, which I believe it to be then the Free State is in for a horrible Craven Week. All three player's length and weight are well below that of the average players in their position, and although size is not always important up front unfortunately especially at prop and lock it does matter.

To summarise the top backline in South Africa having to feed off scraps is going to have a horrible time in trying to salvage the honour of the Free State. Free State face the Boland team in their first match and if the Boland does not improve a lot since the Noordvaal Bondedag Free State should win at least their first match.

I honestly hope I am wrong we all want to see the likes of Vlitoor Wyclef, Rikus Pretorius, Henk Cilliers, Janco van Heyningen and David Kriel in full flight. Al SA schools hopefuls,


2 thoughts on “Take The Grey Out Of Free State And They Are Not That Grey’t?

  1. Well if you keep ball in hand, dont kick for touch, and deny the opposition line-outs, then you can play with midgets at lock. Take the Boishaai out of WP, then they are not that great either. “Grey not having a good year”, but find themselves in the top 5. Not many schools can claim that achievement. The FS team, along with teams from Limpopo, Mpumalanga. Gauteng, NW, and to a lesser extent, Kwazuma Natal, are all at a disadvantage due to the selection criteria, where rugby is not the first choice of sport of the quota component and if we are going to brush over this, then we must at least acknowledge that handicap. FS is therefore weaker, because the school which normally provides the quota players, is weak.

    1. Tobie, I agree with you 100% the Free State and Grey specifically must attend to their quota position and although the acceptability thereof differs from person to person this is the current situation when selecting players for the Youth Weeks.
      But Grey College does have a “below average” pack of forwards, to their own standards and the addition of Louis Botha players weakens them but the question is would the Grey players have made a difference between win or loose. I do not think so.

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