“Die Stryd Van Die Dik Trille”

To all the friends from Ruggas.co.za who does not understand the headline, loosely translated it means who has the biggest *%@(*& or who has the most power at the Craven Week.

The Coke saga is well known and was widely publicised and supported by all ages, races and sexes except for Coke and SARU of course.

And now for round number 2:

On arriving at the venue, Paarl Boishaai on Thursday morning I was refused entrance with the Volla, and I must be honest my accreditation never made provision for such entrance BUT for the previous three days, I was allowed entrance together with all the proper journalists. I was told by the friendly security guard I am being refused with specific instructions - no car, only foot.

Admittingly I did upset the "dik trille" the day before. After the Ruggas.co.za photographer handed in his accreditation for photographers willingly due to a disagreement with the SARU regulations I myself had to take the photos I use on social media and articles. No problem luckily I had a camera with me and I knew the front from the back and the whereabouts of the click button.

As said before the regulations controlling the behaviour of the photographers were known to me before the start of the tournament and with the Coke saga, I knew I had to behave. On Wednesday just before the start of the main game between the Lions and Western Province, I waited for the team to run on the field and then wanted to walk into the enclosed area to take the much-needed photos. I was stopped by this big, sunglassed person who asked me where I think I was going. I replied that I was accredited by SARU and that I am going to take photos.

He refused me entrance as I did not where the media vest, at which I replied we were told it was not necessary by the SARU Media staff. He refused to discuss and said he will physically remove me off the premises if I did not leave immediately. I admittedly did consider to bliksem him with my camera but unfortunately could not afford a new one and was not sure if my actions would be covered by my insurance. I rather called him an asshole and proceeded to the media centre to sort out the problem.

No need to go into what happened afterwards but admittingly I did call him again an arsehole in front of all in attendance in the media house. I proposed a quick meeting to resolve the issue upon which the arsehole refused claiming my rudeness, as an excuse. Yesterday morning I was asked if I demand an apology from him, which I did, would I apologise. So here goes - dear Mr Arsehole, I do apologise for calling you an arsehole in public.

The security guard who refused me entry for my Volla said it was a joke and the local security guards said it was a fight to see who has the biggest "Tril".

  1. SARU or Western Province has sold the rights to take photographs to a company. That was why the rest of the media was told not to make available any photographs to the public, whether for sale or for free. My photographer said on his facebook it will be for available for free and that would result that the official photographer would lose money. Apparently, parents were also "requested" to stop photographing their kids for obviously the same reason. My Questions: (1) Who authorised the contract and if ever,  was a tender put to the media and other interested parties to apply? (2) Is it legal to take photos of a person and sell it for a personal gain if not being authorised by such person and his guardian? (3) Was any of the proceeds of such contract share to the boys who participated as all of them had to pay anything from R 3000 to R 9000 to participate in this event.  Ruggas.co.za undertaking - I will provide photographers for future SARU Youth Rugby events for free and make such images online available for download. Mahala, niks and fo!%ll. 
  2. SARU has sold all rights to Supersport, not only for the Youth Weeks but all rugby. Supersport does not broadcast any youth tournament apart from the Craven Week and on the last day only the Final Game. The valid question of making rugby available to all has been asked many times but the harsh reality of the financial gain for SARU must be acknowledged. Ruggas.co.za undertaking - I will make a proper crew available to live stream all matches for all the youth weeks for free that is not televised live by Supersport. I will negotiate a deal with a telecoms company to make all data used to watch such games available at no cost. Let us allow our parents too poor or unable to attend, to share in the proud moment in their son's life.
  3. The cost to Paarl Boishaai to "host" this tournament is almost R 300 000.00 after the demands by SARU, SuperSport and Western Province are met. They were not allowed any opportunity by the "Dik Trille" any opportunity to recoup some funds, not even the gate money was for the pockets of? Ruggas.co.za undertaking - unfortunately, no undertaking from Ruggas.co.za here BUT a big thanks to Paarl Boishaai for spending that big amount. You made this an event that will be remembered by all who attended. The professionalism of your staff is only topped by their friendliness and willingness to help. Boishaai is known across the world for the quality of rugby they play, now you will be remembered by all who attended as the school that helped to create some special memories in the heart of a bunch of special boys. You will be remembered as a school who is 100% professional in what they do, a school whose heart and passion is even bigger than their performances on the rugby field. Thank you from all the "Klein Trille"


to answer those security guards. "Who has the biggest Tril"? Supersport, SARU, Western Province in that specific order admittingly has. But to all those mentioned in the previous sentence, this "little Tril" is enjoying himself and as long as you do not treat us "little Trille" with respect, that irritating itch in your ear. IT IS ME








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