The Movers And Shakers – Week Ending 29/07/2018

The past weekend will be known as the "weekend of the 1.5 ranking points". The International rankings saw 4 schools in the Top 20 losing the 1.5 ranking points. In South Africa, the current number 1 school Grey College can only play against the Top 17 schools without losing the compulsory 1.5 ranking points. This could be the result of the gap widening between the "Super Schools" and the "Premier School" due to the professionalism creeping into schoolboy rugby in South Africa.

Several suggestions were made this past week regarding the deducting of ranking points if a school plays opponents ranked more than 10 ranking points below them and I am considering all of them. The reasoning behind the deduction of said ranking points serves as a control in the system to stop schools that only play against "weaker" opposition from getting ranked among the top teams, and to stop schools to score so many points in one season that they will remain on top in the next season even if they have an average year. Checks and balances?


Top 10 - Grey College (RSA) is back in the number 1 spot after Paul Roos lost the compulsory 1.5 rankings points after their win against much lower ranked Rondebosch (RSA). St Kentigern (NZ) moved up 4 positions to number 3 after both Hamilton BHS (NZ) and Napier (BHS) also lost the compulsory 1.5 ranking points. Four of the Top 10 schools lost the 1.5 ranking points. New Zealand still with 7 of the top 10 schools with South Africa holding number 1,2 and 4.

Top 20 - Monnas of South Africa being pushed out of the Top 20 by Rotorua BHS (NZ) after their win against Palmerston North (NZ) with 33-26. Monnas had a good win against Middelburg HTS (RSA) with 64-12, unfortunately, Monnas did not earn enough ranking positions to keep their Top 20 spot. New Zealand Schools has 11 schools in the Top 20.

Top 50 - No new entrants but a lot of movement in the lower parts of the Top 50. Gisborne BHS +12, New Plymouth BHS +10 and Rondebosch (RSA) +12 were some of the big movers. New Zealand has 30 schools in the Top 50.

South Africa

Top 10 - Apart from the movements caused by the compulsory 1.5 rankings and Paul Roos subsequently losing their number 1 spot nothing much happened in the Top 10. No new entrants.

Top 20 - It is the week of the "1.5 ranking points" it seems as Selborne also loses valuable ranking points and drops out of the Top 20 after their win against Queen's (76-13). Framesby's loss against Outeniqua (14-22) also see them drop 3 ranking positions to number 23. Outeniqua moves into the Top 20 at number 19 as a result of the win against Framesby while Rondebosch gained 1.5 ranking points after their defeat Paul Roos and moves into the Top 20 at number 18.

Top 50 - Oos Moot is the only school to enter the Top 50 this week after a very good win against Lichtenburg (42-15) in the VirSeker Shield competition. Kingswood who lost against Graeme College (22-24) drops 5 positions to number 54.

Top Performing Teams (Top 100)

  1. Middelburg Hoërskool (+19.949)
  2. Upington (+8.641)
  3. Jeugland (+8.141)
  4. Potch Volkies (+6.879)
  5. Duineveld (+4417(
  6. Jeppe (+3.966)
  7. Randburg (+3.857)
  8. Northwood (+3.844)
  9. Grey College (+3.086)
  10. Menlopark (2.890)

Top Performing Teams (All Schools)

  1. Northcliff (+27.790)
  2. Goudveld (+21.404)
  3. Piet Potgieter (+21.353)
  4. Martin Oosthuizen (+17.752)
  5. Oosterlig (+17.415)
  6. Wagpos (+17.000)
  7. Wilgerivier (+16.094)
  8. Queens JHB (+15.500)
  9. Middelburg Hoër (+14.949)
  10. Sentraal (+14.607)

New Zealand

Top 10 - St Kentigern is the new number 1 school in New Zealand after their win against St Peter's with 36-15. But what played the major role in St Kentigern's rise to number 1 is that 2nd placed Hamilton BHS and 3rd placed Napier Boys High both lost the 1.5 ranking points after their wins against lowly ranked teams Gisborne Boys High (26-17) and New Plymouth (36-15) respectively. Palmerston North loses their Top 10 spot after their loss against Rotorua Boys High (33-26) with Auckland Grammar replacing Palmerston North at number 10 after their win against Mount Albert Grammar (38-7).

Top 20 - Three new entrants in the Top 20 with Gisborne the recipient of 1.5 ranking points after losing against number 2 Hamilton Boys with 17-26. Dilworth Boys High and Otago Boys High moved up into numbers 19 and 20 respectively after wins against Aorere College (30-3) and Waitiki BHS with 60-3. Tauranga Boys High Mount Albert Grammar and St Pat's Town all lost their places in the Top 20. St Pat's Town lost to St Pat's Silverstream (10-52) while Tauranga Boys lost against Hastings Boys High 19-0, while Mount Albert Grammar lost to Auckland Grammar 38-7.

Top 50 - The only new entrant to the Top 50 is Liston College who gain the 1.5 ranking points after losing 106-5 against King's College. Liston replaces St John's College Hastings who lost 5-35 against Francis Douglas Memorial and later in the week beat Wanganui Collegiate with 22-19.

A very exciting weekend maybe "spoiled" by the 1.5 ranking point rule.

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