It Is Time To Nominate – 2018 Awards

It is that time of the year when we reward the stars of schoolboy rugby. As with the previous two years, we have made some changes to make the process even more credible and fair.

The Categories:

  1. Rugby Player of The Year - It is simple nominate and vote for the best schoolboy rugby player of 2018.
  2. Forward of the Year - Again nominate and vote for the best.
  3. Backline Player of the Year - Again nominate and vote for the best.
  4. Most Valuable Player of the Year - This category is to reward a player that is not necessarily the star of the team but if you take him out of the game he is sorely missed.
  5. Team of the Year - Again nominate and vote for the best.
  6. School of the Year - This category is not necessarily for the best performing school in the country but we aim to reward a school who is investing a lot in promoting rugby AND their results are significantly improving. It, however, does not exclude top rugby schools as the amount of work they have to put into rugby to remain at the top is also remarkable.
  7. Coach of the Year - Again nominate and vote for the best.
  8. Photographer of the Year - All photographers that contributed to is eligible.


07/08/2018 - 25/08/2018: Nominations by the public to be sent to with a short justification of the nominee and a photo attached. Only nominees with more than 100 nominations will be published on

28/08/2018 - The nominations received will be narrowed down to the top 10 by the "9 wise men" in a secret vote.

29/08/2018 - 13/09/2018 - Voting by the general public to determine the top 3 nominations online @

15/09/2018 - Vote by the "9 wise men" in a secret vote to determine the winner.

20/09/2018 - Announcement of the winners at the Awards Ceremony held at Stellenberg Hoërskool.


The 9 Wise Men:

This panel consists of respected members of the schoolboy rugby community and no myself will not be part of this panel as I am known to be biased towards a certain Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool and Steve Hofmeyer's song "Maak alle Affies wenners" will be appropriate if I have any say in the process.

The panel consist of members of the media, parents and schoolboy rugby lovers who I do believe have the integrity and knowledge to ensure that the best will be awarded.


All the boys that allowed us the public to enjoy their performances on the rugby field are already winners. A boy giving his best in the u/15 H team is as important as the fortunate 30 boys selected for the 2018 u/18 international series. Myself and all involved in schoolboy rugby just want to say thank you for allowing us to watch, enjoy and celebrate.

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