Can Not Wait, 2018 Looks VirSeker Beter unhappiness with the current Noordvaal competition known as the VerSeker beker is no secret. To my surprise today when enquiring regarding the results from last weekend a very helpful gentleman was more than willing to discuss the current setup and proposed changes in the structures of this competition.

There are current proposed changes to the structures of this competition that is almost ready to be sent for approval to the sponsors and participating schools. The proposal is to change the "Top" section of the competition first with the smaller school's structure to be phased in over time.

In short, the top 32 schools will be divided into 4 groups of 8 schools with the perceived strength of the school as the only criteria. An automatic promotion and relegation between these groups will take place at the end of each season. A ranking system still to be decided on will score each school taking into account the achievements of all age groups into account. So it could be possible that a school winning the u/19 age group can still be relegated if the under age sides does not perform.

With six union's schools participating this new structure will be costly as travelling could become very expensive. Talks with VirSeker established that VirSeker is willing to increase their sponsorship in order to help with the increase in costs. 

Talks with the Education Departments regarding the "travelling" regulations will already start by the end of August to ensure that their approval will not be a problem to this new structure was also promised.

On the issue of "poaching", it is felt that the current "regulation" in place is adequate and also was said that any new "requirement" would just create new methods to create and misuse loopholes. The current "regulation" in place when a child wants to transfer to a new school after 01 March in a certain year the principals of both schools must sign off such a transfer and if one principal refuses, that boy will not be allowed to represent his school's "A" side in this competition.

If this new structure as suggested is accepted then the VirSeker will already show an improvement of 500% but just to add some more ideas ruggas would love if:

  1. Although we appreciate what VirSeker has done for this competition and we share the love for Afrikaans I do think that the inclusion of the English Schools in these six Unions would not only be the right thing to do but would also make this competition one of the most competitive in the country. Imagine Affies, KES, Waterkloof, Jeppe, Pretoria Boys High etc etc all competing in the VirSeker Beker.
  2. The "poaching" agreement should be taken up a notch or two were no transfer of boys in their senior years will be allowed unless approved by both principals, and if a principal unfairly withhold such approvement a mechanism to handle appeals.

But for now, I do think the proposal as above will make schools not participating reassessing their withdrawal from this competition. Go VirSeker Beker.

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