World Schools Tournament Or Boishaai 150th Birthday Bash?

After a claim by Heyneke Meyer to be the initiator of a new annual "World Schools Tournament" where "the top 10 South African rugby schools committed.", some serious questions are asked and need to be answered.

We have learnt since that Mr Meyer's company he works for was instructed by Sean Erasmus to help in organising this festival as part of the Boishaai 150th birthday celebrations. No decision was taken on the future of an annual festival at Boishaai.

But let's play devil's advocate for a moment and accept that Mr Meyer is 100% correct in his statement, what will a tournament like this do to the landscape of schoolboy rugby, and who determines the top 10 schools in South Africa and based on what?

The easiest question to answer is how do we determine the top 10 schools, without alienating the rest of the schools not included in this prestigious list. Simple use the rankings @ I have found this ranking to be very accurate and the rate of success, when used to do predictions for weekends, is at all time high of 75+%.  

The current "confirmed" list of South African schools are Affies (9) - St Johns, Boland Landbou (8) - Noord/Suid, Glenwood (7) - Kearsney, Grey College (2) - lets rather say nothing, Monument (3) - Kearsney, Oakdale (17) - Oakdale, Outeniqua (15) - Noord/Suid, Paarl Gim (6) - Noord/Suid, Paul Roos (5) - St Johns and Boishaai (1) - St Johns

The question to be asked is how "successful" would the Easter Festivals be without the teams listed above especially the St Johns and the Noord/Suid Festivals. Will these festivals die a quiet "death" or will the sponsors still be happy with a "Sub Standard" event?  An even a more important question to be asked is what will the backlash be from the schools not being invited on the successful under age festivals some of these schools on the list host annually? If the suggestions on social media are to be believed some serious consequences await.

To summarise. Selection of the Top 10 Schools will be biased and open to harsh and valid criticism. The landscape of the Easter Festivals will change dramatically.

So well done to Sean Erasmus and his team for this wonderful initiative. May we long remember 2018 Boishaai Rugby Festival.








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