The 2017 Ruggas Draft Reaches The Halfway Mark!

Thank you to the hundreds, maybe a little more of people following the draft on a daily basis. Here is a bit of an update for you.

With the draft of 12 positions now almost completed we have reached the halfway mark in what has proven to be a very exciting and informative pick so far. Some future stars have come to the fore already! Some positions are brimming with talent, whilst other positions are proving to be quite challenging, judging by the pick lists and the ‘prices’ the drafting agents are prepared to put down to secure a player in their draft team.

Before the 2017 Craven week and Academy week took place posted a list of 60 players to look out for at the weeks. Well, hear this, after 10 positions thus 40 possible players from that CW-list, no less than 38 of the 40 players have been drafted already! Wow, that’s 95% of the players, selected by different people! The last 5 starting positions are going to be a roller-coaster ride as some of the players have already been drafted in other positions as in which they were selected before the youth weeks. No pressure guys 😊

Ten player positions and a head coach for each team have been drafted. Positions still to be drafted include #8, #9, #5, #12, #1 and then the entire bench of each team. Each team will still select a backline coach and forwards coach.

Of the R2.5m player budget allowed per team, this is what drafting agents have left to spend on their team from most to least:

Louis #9: R1,637,000

Carl #10: 1,509,000

Charl #7: R1,458,994

Beet #8: R1,421,999

BMT #3: R1,398,999

Hooit #5: R1,394,990

Kattes #6: R1,344,000

Sabbat #4: R1,296,950

Shawn #2: R1,274,000

Quagga #1: R1,243,000

So, whilst Louis and Carl have loads of cash to splash, Quagga, Shawn and Sabbat will start feeling the pinch of their expensive picks so far. Game on!

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